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This is a rond ring on which is engraved a set of geometric designs. Triangles, littles and big rectangles have a semi cylindrical form. At the end of the triangles's tops, the ring is punched and a furrow joins these two holes. A set of little details has to be add to this summary description which caracterize it : the semi-cylindrical rectangle of the middle is quite higher than the other ones.The link forming the right side of each triangle follows after the top and, in the middle of the triangle we find out a point quite imperceptible. The original ring is in sandstone...

The orginal ring has been discovered in the Kings Valley in 1860 by the Marquis of Agrain. Old of about thousands years, it's in Assouan's sandstone. That's this ring which permitt to Howard Carter to be the only one (in a group of 9 persons) to escape the malediction of Tout Ankh Amon, all the others being dead during the year following the discovery of the sarcophagus. The tradition tell us that the original has been made by the Atlantes, and its secret conveyed by Egyptian.

Traditional Uses:

  • it procures an immunity against invisible muggings
  • it protects against any influences or dangers
  • it forms a vibratory wall stopping any maleficient vibrations and spells
  • it improves the general state of health
  • it favorizes metaphysic contacts
  • it's a personal tool, because it's in harmony with the magnetism of the person who is wearing it. Based on the Principle of Yi-King, it functions by imperceptible micro-vibrations (form waves).