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"You would like your life to change, you want more Luck, more Love, more Money in your Life, You want Happiness and Success... I can help you..."


Pasqualina amazing clairvoyante

Introducing an amazing clairvoyante

Pasqualina has no crystal ball, but instead she uses her own wonderful intuition and deep reflection. She is by no means a traditional fortuneteller. With her big dark eyes and her long hair, Pasqualina looks like an Ancient Goddess. Mysterious, calm and reflective, she has great willpower which she will transmit to those who approach her, giving them more confidence in themselves and in their future happiness.

Clairvoyance, for Pasqualina, is a gift she received at birth, but she has also followed a sustained series of studies of religious history, astrology, numerology, mythology and developed her own approach to psychology. She follows a well planned professional itinerary; her profession is for her a ministry.

More Luck, Money and Love

More Luck, Money and Love in your life... ?

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I can do for you what I successfully did for many others.

If my help is urgent to you, you can take it for granted.

If you are really in need for more Money, more Luck, more Love, or simply a Quieter Life, then just click here without hesitation.

Pasqualina can help you

Pasqualina can help you...

If you are living difficulties and sorrow, if your problems weight on your shoulders, keep you awake at night, the lack of Money, the lack of Love, and the bad Luck keep getting in your way, if you would really like a change, if you would like your life to transform for the best, if you would like to receive all you're missing, Money, Love, Luck, Joys and Happiness, then I am ready to help you with all my Magical Knowledge, in order to fulfill your most urgent desires, your most desperate dreams, your deepest wishes.

Pasqualina is well known worldwide and innumerable people have already consulted her.

Portrait of Pasqualina

Astrologer - Consultant - Lecturer

pasqualina - psychic astrologer
I am offering you a Free Personal Clairvoyance Horoscope
and I will reveal your lucky numbers all free of charge.

If past events have left their trace, it is very likely that future events have their roots in the present.

We have to admit that the irrational world is fantastic, magic and inspiring...

Pasqualina is here to be of service to people. She will guide you to a place way beyond the concerns of your daily life. She will guide you through both the happy and difficult times that she will predict with her exceptional clairvoyant talent.

All of her clients appreciate her professionalism and have great respect for her.

The positive and helpful messages she sends out will raise your consciousness and let you live your life with greater serenity.

Daily General Horoscope

belier=1 Aries Wednesday 4 October 2023

It is good to trust others, especially the people you love, but make sure to also check that the money is spent wisely. There is no harm in watching closely. It is in your best interest.

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Some Testimonies

...I thank destiny for having put you on my path. You've helped me clear up my choices, my hopes and my doubts. Sincerity, truth and confidence are the words that best sum up my wonderful encounter with you.
Thank you again Pasqualina for your precious help.
...Thanks to some of my friends, I was able to meet Pasqualina Sogni. Meeting her was both a marvelous and enriching experience for her indepth knowledge of personal development and her help and guidance in making professional choices;
Bravo Pasqualina for both your inner wealth, your generosity, not to mention your professionalism and the accuracy and precision of the help you give us all.
Thank you once again.
Sincerest regards,
...I had the priveledge of having a session with you at a clairvoyance conference. I'd just like to say how much I appreciated your conscientiousness and professionalism. I can also say that your extreme competency and wisdom leave no room for any doubt whatsoever as to the accuracy of your predictions. I am entirely satisfied with your services.
You can count on my being a loyal client in the future and I thank you once again.
I'd like to thank you for the precious help you have me at a time when my life felt truly confusing. Your warmth and especially your remakable analysis of my personality immediately put me at ease and created a trusting atmosphere. You were able to help me understand what I was going through at that time - in other workds what had caused the problems and obstacles I was facing and how to overcome them.
You have helped me come out of my inertia and apathy and enabled me to both write the screenplay and become the actor of my existence.
Thank you once again,
...I consulted you when we met in Limoges this Spring. I was extremely impressed with this first session, with your knowledge of the Astral world, the exactness of the information you give as the well as the way you present it and with the way you talk about this science.
I called you in august when I felt turned around by some of the things you had predicted and you were a great help. You helped me emotionally and so far everything you said would happen has happened even on the dates predicted!
Thank you Pasqualina, you are always available, pleasant and a wonderful listener.
Thanks again,
...I met you at the opening for my show at the Galerie d'Odile Mauve, 69 rue Quincampoix where I had an exhibit at the beginning of the year.
I was going through a period full of doubt and uncertainty - a time when one completely questions one's life path.
This was why I came to you for a consultation. When I asked you if I could record the session, you suggested I take notes (which I did);
On the 29th of March I got a telephone call from my husband. He was calling from Tokyo. He asked me for a divorce.
When I checked my agenda and read my precious notes from my session with you, I noticed that you had mentioned the 29th of March.
This astonishing fact has remained engraved in my memory as this date was a true turning point in my life.
You also indicated the periods that would be profitable for me to take initiatives and those that would not.
Pasqualina, I'd like to thank you, you have been a tremendous help.
Friendly regards,
...I came to you on the advice of a friend at a time when I couldn't sort out a very personal dilemma and a delicate situation in my life. I didn't know who I could talk to, I knew I needed to talk to someone more objective than my friends and I felt confused and alone with this problem. I didn't know what direction to take, whose advice to follow, including my own.
I initially felt a little apprehensive during my session, not being particularly familiar with psychics, but quickly felt at ease in the very professional and positive climate you create.
Your invaluable help gave me the support I needed and helped me set my mind straight about my particular problem and also gave me unexpected confidence about my life direction in general.
I was impressed not only with your clairvoyance but with the precision of your psychological analysis.
Many of the things you predicted have come true and I trust and respect you as a person of integrity and a serious professional. I have consulted you since and sent you other clients (all very pleased) and will continue to do both. Warmest regards,
Pasqualina, I'd like to thank you, you have been a tremendous help.
Friendly regards,

pasqualina - psychic astrologer
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