10 - 19 - 29

You will be able to use them within the favourable periods I am going to indicate.

Here is for you my Horoscope Clairvoyance of this day

Yes, Vxzewgtan, you are going to find in this letter information of the highest importance.

This morning, (it was hardly 8 o'clock), when I went to check on some of the notes which you had given me so that I may help you, I had a flash of inspiration concerning you.

At that precise moment, something told me that you needed me. I decided to immediately look at your case.

Because what I saw about you seems very important, it upset me deeply.

YES, Vxzewgtan, extremely important events are coming up that will radically change all your life in the days to come.

Your near future is packed with positive events, events so important that you absolutely must not miss any of them.

Here are the most significant beneficial DAYS that I envision coming to you:

I foresee the first beneficial day on Thursday, October 3, 2013. On that day, I see a chance for unexpected money gain. This very substantial chance will let you settle some of your financial needs.

the second fortunate day I have foreseen coming to you is Monday, October 7, 2013, when you are about to receive some excellent news. Someone you had lost sight of, who matters a lot to you, will finally come back into your life.

your third beneficial day is Wednesday, October 9, 2013, when I foresee a Chance for a sizeable Money gain in gambling. I see a substantial figure followed by many others. With this second Chance of Money gain, you can start new projects and have a much more assured outlook on your future. The same week, you will have an important meeting that might develop into a serious financial success.

Besides, I can sense yet another (the third) Chance for money gain on Sunday, October 13, 2013. This time, it appears to be a very substantial Chance indeed.

In the following weeks, I see you receiving good news concerning your friends and feelings (I think this is the good news you’ve been waiting for !). You might also have an interesting encounter that could work out into something very important to you. You will be able to accomplish a project you’ve been keeping close to your heart.

Rest assured, Vxzewgtan, your life will quickly become the marvelous life where everything goes your way.

Yes, these are uncommon events that I have seen coming to you, and for this reason I had to warn you immediately so that you can have the time to prepare yourself and be able to properly receive the marvelous blessings of all these unexpected events.

Fortune has decreed for you, Vxzewgtan a chance to avoid a difficult problem in your life. This would mean taking a bold new path in life, and you would, at last, live the marvelous life that you want and dream of. This is the wonderful dream-life that you deserve. You would find yourself bursting into laughter and feeling full of joy. You could then say "Goodbye" to all the anguish of the past...

Yes, Vxzewgtan, things are going to change. It is going to be for you luck unique to be able to shock all your life. In some days only it could be the luck of your life !

You realize that you are going through a very difficult period of your life just now. But, Vxzewgtan, thanks to these auspicious events, which will be like a GIFT from the heavens, your present life, (which doesn't satisfy your needs), will change into a brilliant new existence where money, Luck and love will come flowing towards you.

Yes, I saw all it with a very great precision, and I have already prepared for you an important study. I want to show it to you soon, for thus I can better help you to be ready to benefit from all the prosperity these great events can bring you.

In this important work of research all about you, I will be able to show you what could be your new and marvelous life. If you listen to me and decide to follow the useful advice that I prepare for you, it will come true.

Your existence could change radically in days to come… But it will be necessary to pay close attention, for although this stage in your life could easily to give birth to the brilliant, marvelous and successful life of which you dream; but this decisive stage can also turn out not so well. You would risk having to live the rest of your days in the same way you know now, without having the chance of changing anything.

Ever since I started working for the happiness and well-being of my clients, I have noted with regret that it is always difficult to get past this decisive stage that you are about to encounter.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, the weeks to come are going to be decisive for You, because for you, it's going to be a Genuine Revival and the beginning of a New Life full of joy, happiness, and MONEY !

You have certainly read about it in the papers or seen it on television: many famous astrologers are predicting a wave of catastrophies and extraordinary events throughout the world in the coming days.

It is true: astounding, extremely rare events are about to happen. But I can tell you, here and now, that not all of these events are going to be catastrophic.

In fact, I can assure you that, on the contrary, marvelous events are coming up which, provided you follow my advice, will radically change the course of your life.

You will forget the grim life you are living today, a life you loathe. And you will at last get to know a new life, beautiful, riche and exciting !

In fact, all these catastrophies they have been warning about don't spell the end of the world... But they do spell the end of one particular kind of World.

It is the end of the World you are living in today, filled with pain and misfortune...

For you, Vxzewgtan, it is the voyage into a New  World, a much Better one, where everything shines and works out your way.

So be prepared for the string of absolutely astounding and RARE events that will suddenly befall you.

You must know that in the coming weeks, a succession of  events, absolutely amazing and extremely rare, is going to happen.

Even separately, each of the events is still a very rare occurrence, but their power will be so much greater since they are all going to happen within a very short interval, in just a matter of days…

Yes,Vxzewgtan, all of this in a matter of days, just weeks after this extraordinary event that's awaiting you around the corner !

Admit it, this is simply too much for a mere coincidence and there must be a message written between the lines !

Do you, Vxzewgtan, happen to know what this string of unprecedented events means to you?

What it means is that during this very special period you will be able to draw a final line in the life you are living today, with all its anxieties and problems and enter a New Life, beautiful and Rich, a life filled with extremely Positive Events !

A life where money never runs out, a life where love and friendship are an everyday occurrence, a life where sorrow and grief are no longer in your vocabulary…

Yes, Vxzewgtan, if everything happens as expected, you will have entered your New Life !

So any expectations and hopes are well within your reach, and new chances and fresh opportunities will be offered to you.

This is what we are going to do…

Before everything else, Vxzewgtan, you must understand that a string of uncommon magnetic disturbances will bring you an exceptional chance that few people come to enjoy. Just picture this for an instant...

Yes, imagine that all lights have gone out. Imagine finding yourself, for several minutes, completely disconnected from the often harmful radiation of the Moon and the Sun...

Starting with that very precise moment, you will be free of their negative magnetic influence, released of their control. At precisely this moment we are going to perform special occult Ceremonials that will relieve you of your old life and open the gates wide for this new existence that awaits you.

Yes, within just a matter of minutes, you will be FREE of the influence of these two celestial bodies and their harmful radiation, and this is the moment when we must act.

It is this very moment, when radiation disappears, that will help you move from your old life into this new existence that awaits you. In fact, during this brief interval, there will be no radio waves, no interference and no static to tamper with the ceremonial I am about to perform for you. It is at this moment, and ONLY at this moment, that we will be at liberty to act.

Here is exactly how we are going to proceed:

During the first magnetic anomaly, on the moon,  you will be disconnected for several minutes from the influence of this celestial object. It is at this precise moment that I will perform for you your first occult ceremonial to relieve your spirit of the burden of your previous life. I will expel from your body and mind those negative vibrations of failure and misfortune which are mounting over you and are killing one by one your every chance of success. I will completely clear your body and soul.

When the second anomaly occurs, this time on the Sun,  we will use this interruption in magnetic radiation to perform your second occult ceremonial. This second ritual is designed to recharge you with positive vibrations. Yes, Vxzewgtan, when I am done, you will find yourself awash in money, luck and happiness, instead of missing them every time, as it happened to you before, despite all your efforts.

And as soon as Sunlight shines again in its full brilliance, you are going to be a New Person, with boundless Luck and Courage within yourself ! 

The Sun, with its positive magnetic rays, will recognize you and bring to you a New Life and Better Chances !

Then, on the 3rd important date in your life, I will perform for you your third occult ceremonial (by far the most important), which will help you set off the right foot into your New Life.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, the 3rd date will mark for you the beginning of this new life that awaits you. Yes, it is at this precise instant, on this precise date, that your luck will indeed change for the better. You must know that this special date has not accidentally made its way into your calendar; it has always foretold your entry into a new life, your REVIVAL; and you can verify this for yourself.

Of course, Vxzewgtan, it will take a few days before all the work we will have done starts to pay off. This is why, for several days after the 3rd date, I must urge you not to make any important decisions. Wait for at least one or two weeks before testing your new luck.

You will then witness the first changes in your new life.

First of all, you will notice that the people you see every day, the people who haven't been paying the slightest attention to you, will start treating you differently...

Then, you will feel luckier in everything you do. You will succeed where you have only failed before. And this is only normal, Vxzewgtan, for it is the sign that the course we have taken is beginning to pay off.

In just a matter of weeks, I would encourage you to buy a lottery ticket and test your NEW LUCK. Just don't do it within the first 2 weeks after your 3rd date.

And there is something else I am going to do for you, Free

I will take immediate action to help you tackle, once and for all, the worst problems that have been weighing heavily on your shoulders.

As a free extra gift to you, I am going to summon an important sum of money so you can pay your most pressing debts.

I will calculate your 7 Beneficial Lucky Numbers. If you are a gambler, you can use these 7 Special Numbers in the favorable moments I will indicate. But remember, you must only play these numbers on the exact dates I will communicate to you. For my part, I will perform especially for you my free Special Good Luck Ritual Ceremonial to bring a drastic improvement to your luck. And since I have envisioned you receiving an important amount of money (as I have already told you), I feel confident for you, and I think you should, too.

This said, you will be able to put your new luck to the test and, why not, play in the lottery... I won't be very surprised when you write to me, saying you got the right numbers !

And if it's love you need most, you will see it coming straight into your life, from where you least expect it... If it's friendship and company you're after, all of a sudden there will be streams of people knocking at your door and seeking your presence.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, I promise you this: after these special ceremonials I am going to perform for you, your life will never be the same again, and you will finally exclaim: What a Miracle !

But remember, Vxzewgtan, you must take action this very instant…

Yes, Vxzewgtan, if we really want to bring all this luck to your side, and if you really want to change the life you are living today for a better and Richer one, it is now, and not later, that you must act.

The only thing you need to do, Vxzewgtan, is to take your Confidential Questionnaire and fill in every field, because I need every single piece of information before I can commence all the Occult Ceremonials I have spoken about. Return your Confidential Questionnaire to me as soon as possible, accompanied by a modest payment of your choice.

Above all, you must do all of this immediately, for, as I said, time is running against us, and I must absolutely receive your Confidential Questionnaire as soon as possible. This is very important.

What I desire above everything else, is that you begin Your New Life, full of happiness, joy, Luck and MONEY, as soon as possible ! Because I honestly believe you deserve every bit of it.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, I am prepared and ready to make you happy, if you really want it !

You should know that I haven't told many people what I have told you. In fact, I can only take charge of an limited number of people during this brief period of time.

I have chosen You, Vxzewgtan, because I truly believe you deserve better than the life you are living today, and because I believe you deserve a New Start in your Life !

I cannot fill in the questionnaire for you, no one must do it but yourself. It is you, Personally You, Vxzewgtan, who must do it order to prove that you indeed want your life to change for the better. So if you really want to make a new start in your life, if you really want Luck, Love and Money finally to become part of your existence, fill in and return your Confidential Questionnaire today, and believe me, you won't come to regret it.

I am really counting on you and I am impatiently waiting for you to return your Confidential Questionnaire. Remember that time is running against us and that every minute counts.

Therefore I urge you to act NOW

I embrace you with all my heart and as I wait to hear from you, I send you my warmest thoughts.

Your devoted and faithful friend,


Remember that I have chosen you, Vxzewgtan, to receive this new luck and new life, more beautiful and intense than the one you are living now.

Don't turn down this unique opportunity which is offered to you today, believe me, an opportunity like this will never arise again. 

Believe me Vxzewgtan, your are really going to be offered a chance for a new life very soon, a world where Money, Love and Luck must not pass you by and where everything you hope for most must finally become a reality.

I really want you to be happy, and this is the reason why I am going to make something truly unique happen to you…

Yes, starting as of today, I wish for happiness, good luck, and money to come to you and be a part of your life.

Because I want these things for you, I will send you my Great Clairvoyant Horoscope of Your Wishes so that you can take advantage of the benefits of your special occult Ceremonials. In this complete profile that I will compile for you, you will find important information, which you will need to fulfill your lifetime wishes and guarantee you success. You will find my important recommendations and all my SECRET Instructions. Thanks to my clear insight into your life in the course of the Sacred Ceremony about which I wrote at the beginning of my letter, I will explain precisely to you, with complete details, the exact route you should take to lead you directly towards the enormous rewards that will be yours.

In my Great Clairvoyant Horoscope of Your Wishes I am going to tell you also:how the most important planets influence your destiny and your personality, making you a unique person unlike anyone else, how these same planets determine your most propitious periods, your lucky breaks, and your meetings and relationships with others.

I will reveal to you: how others see you, what they think of you, what effects you create, what is your level of sensitivity.

Moreover, wait for surprising, new revelations about yourself, your personality, and especially about those who surround you.

I will make you discover: your real capabilities, your lucky breaks, your actual assets, your SECRET gifts, your hidden talents…

I will unveil the obstacles that are present within you, causing anxiety and blocks that prevent you from succeeding, 

but also and above all: how to immediately multiply your lucky breaks, how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles, how to make the right decisions at the proper time and
how to enjoy deep happiness from your
special occult Ceremonials that I am offering you today.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, I wish that Happiness, Good Luck, and Money become part of your life.

I indeed count on you and I wait with impatience for your news.

With my most sincere friendship,
Yours faithfully and sincerely,

...don't hesitate to answer this letter today, because unfortunately this offer will not be renewed…

Before everything else, answer "Yes" now to the sincere offer I am making to you today. In fact, this letter is the first bout of luck that is presented to you and it will work to change your existence. If you don’t answer, it is quite possible that your anguish and doubt will again make you slip and take the wrong turn, and you will miss all the happiness that awaits you. 

On the contrary, if you confide in me and if you confide in yourself, you will be able to break the chain that binds you to your past, and the road to luck and happiness will open up before you. Therefore do not hesitate and act now, fill in and return your Help Request today and your Confidential Questionnaire,

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