7 - 16 - 26

You will be able to use them within the favourable periods I am going to indicate.

Here is for you my Horoscope Clairvoyance of this day

Yes, Vxzewgtan, you will discover some extremely important information about youself and your future in this consultation. It was barely 7 o'clock this morning when I started to look at the details you gave me. At that precise instant I had some surprising revelations concerning you. Immediately, I became interested in you and your particular case. What I saw was extremely surprising.

yes, Vxzewgtan, Exceptional Events (of Capital Importance) are on their way to turn your life around. Here are the most important dates I have written down for you:

on Wednesday, October 2, 2013, I envision for you a very substantial Chance for unexpected income, a relatively large amount, enough to settle some of your financial needs,

on Monday, October 7, 2013 I envision you hearing some excellent news concerning your love life. Someone who is very dear to your heart might return and rejoin you,

around Friday, October 11, 2013, a friend comes back after a lengthy absence. He should give you a helping hand in your troubles and make up your lost courage and perseverance.

towards Wednesday, October 16, 2013 you may very well enjoy a substantial gambling win. I have seen the figure 9 followed by many zeros. This second chance for unexpected money gain will be enough for you to start new projects and finally settle all your financial needs.

and then, yet another (the third) Financial Luck around Monday, October 21, 2013. This time, I see a much larger sum involved. I don’t think this is going to be a gambling win; rather, an inheritance or a gift. This new good luck with Money is certainly not going to end. You will never again be in need, never again in your life.

These are the very first findings I have been able to make and it is for these excellent reasons that I had to alert you immediately. You need to prepare yourself properly to take full advantage of the blessings that are bound to come with these extraordinary events.

It would undoubtedly be for you, Vxzewgtan, a marvelous opportunity to take a new direction in life. And even though this stage may be delicate to negotiate, you would finally live in a dream world. This wonderful life is the life which you know you deserve. And you will be able to say then: "Farewell to all fear, all anguish, problems and difficulties..."

In the briefest time limits, things could change for you Vxzewgtan as for a new birth. It is going to be for you, Vxzewgtan, luck marvelous to change all your life radically. It will be the Luck of your life.

Thanks to these decisive events which I see occurring for you, Vxzewgtan, you will finally get through your difficult times that are causing you pain, to a wonderful existence where money, Luck and love will fulfill all your desires.

Yes, I saw it all with such a precision that I already have started to prepare for you an important, very special series of readings. I would like to show you these as soon as possible, allowing you to benefit from all the wonderful, marvelous events that I see coming to you.

I will let you see in this important work that I have prepared what your life would be if you listen to me and decide to follow the advice that I am going to give you.

Yes, dear Vxzewgtan, your existence could change completely in the next few days !

But attention, bus if this headland very difficult your life can clear itself comfortably to give the day to the extraordinary marvelous life of which you dream (where all will be able to succeed you), it also can himself/itself that this decisive stage didn't accomplish himself as well as foreseen. You would risk to continue to live until the end of your days a monotonous existence without having the least luck to see to change things then.

Since the time that I dedicate myself to the well-being and the happiness of my counterparts, I realize that he/it is always very difficult to clear an as important headland that the one that you are going to pass.

I have also seen that some of your current problems weigh heavily on you. I know that your problems tire you at times and almost suffocate you. I know that you often prevent yourself from taking positive acts and making the decisions needed to change the course of your existence.

Vxzewgtan, I know you no longer have the resources to face the difficulties which are spoiling your life. You even, at times, have the strange feeling that someone or something is deliberately thwarting your plans. Could you be the unfortunate victim of a curse, an evil spell or even sorcery? I have got to say that in your case, the question is quite possible.

I have seen that you require urgent help to face your problems, but not just any kind of help will do. You know as well as I do that you need quick and powerful help right away.

Your current problems cannot be solved by ordinary means, but with the help of powerful forces, you will be able to fight against the root causes of your problems.

I am personally able to put this powerful and effective help at your disposal so as to reverse the negative course of your life, so that real HAPPINESS permeates your existence.

I am also aware that until now, no one was able, or indeed wanted to provide you with the help you require, as nobody had tried to understand your problems, and therefore no-one was able to find the proper answers to them.

And yet, Vxzewgtan, I know, as do you, that you still have it secretly within yourself to face these problems and difficulties. Despite this, you feel a type of block, which prevents you from acting to obtain what you are entitled to expect from life.

If we could have been in contact sooner, I could have saved you from much unhappiness, and time too !

There is no point in dwelling on the past as what is done is done. Therefore, let us deal with the present and with your future in particular, now that that you have reached the time for Happiness in your life.

However, what I have been able to see in your life is a big disappointment that is still affecting you. It may even be a disappointment which you have forgotten, a disappointment caused by someone for whom you felt so much love that it felt like a real betrayal, a disappointment which still haunts you today.

This deep wound, which has marred your life, is like a bleeding wound that has not healed. You are still suffering pain today, as you do not make a conscious association to your painful past. The result is a great bitterness which dwells in you and invades your mind.

You are not yet over this old pain, which is like a deadly poison and is far more serious than can be imagined. It is paralyzing you and annihilating your positive feeling and your abilities to deal with your problems. This is no doubt one of the main reasons for your lack of positive personal potential and is definitely the true cause of your current problems.

However, Vxzewgtan, at times, you have intense bursts of enthusiasm, but these are followed by abysses of deep despair. This is a clear sign that your past still troubles you. We must remove these negative influences from your life very soon if we expect your life to change. This is why I have decided to help you in an powerful and effective way.

It is also true that recently, many negative events have come crashing down on you. I am even tempted to say that this seems normal, as the more you live in this type of negative world, the more you will draw misfortune to yourself.

I can however state, Vxzewgtan, and this is the good news that I had in store for you: this negative period you are living through at the moment will be followed by a great period which will be beneficial and positive in every area which I told you about at the beginning of my letter.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, this Great Time is here. You are at the crossroads of your life…

Yes, Vxzewgtan, you are at a crucial point of your existence not only in the areas of good fortune, feelings and love, but also in financial matters. Beware however, that this opportunity does not pass you by, as it may be quite short and may take you by surprise. Therefore, you must be vigilant, but I am sure that this time, all will go well as I will be at your side, (if you agree), so as to help you as effectively as I can.

What is unusual about you, dear Vxzewgtan, is that at times, you are driven by two contradictory forces which influence you in turn in a strange conflict which prevents you from living life to its utmost. At times, you seem to give up and be resigned to things in a negative way. You seem to let yourself get to the point of being unable to deal with the slightest problem. At other times, you feel full of life and have brilliant flashes of clarity and are aware of the wonderful life that you could lead if you knew how to take advantage of all the opportunities that lie before you.

These short positive bursts are still too short, and harmful negative forces soon regain control of you and prevent you from seizing the opportunities which would provide you with the wonderful life you dream of.

Furthermore, you allow yourself to be influenced by critics and bad advice that ill-meaning and jealous people give you. You are the unfortunate victim of a hostile and jealous environment.

Beware of these people who are envious and exert too great an influence on you. Do not place your trust in anybody, as it would be too easy to take advantage of your kindness and goodness.

To summarize, I need to help you as soon as possible to rid yourself of these harmful negative influences, as I am afraid that alone, you might not be able to grasp all the wonderful opportunities I foresee for you…

You often feel tired and lacking in courage, with the unpleasant feeling of having lost control of things. You continually hesitate and put off facing up to problems. This is why it is vital that you get your high spirits back so as to be able to enjoy the wonderful times that lie ahead.

You know that you deserve more than the life you are living at the moment. You also know that you cannot reverse the negative course of events on your own and lastly, you know that you are living through a critical time and need urgent and effective intervention. This vital so that you can make it past this turning point which is so important for your future…

I am here and will help you right away, and the first thing I would like to do for you is to intervene so that you are able to solve your most serious problems which weigh on you most in your life. 

You are at a decisive point in your life, and, together we can see you around this bend (if you really want to). Beware however that you do not miss up on your life’s Great Opportunity.

Fortunately, all the problems you currently face are about to disappear, as today, a new light will shine in your life. This is the great news I am revealing to you: you will soon live a golden period of seven months during which you will be able to discover the Considerable Positive Life Changes which should enable you to have Money, Fortune and Love in your life.

This is, Vxzewgtan, the once in a lifetime opportunity as you will now be able to find everything that your life had been lacking until now.

During this Golden Period, everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING should be favorable for you: money, but also love and good luck.

What this means is that you will be fortunate with money (in particular with games involving money), lucky in love, but also just plain lucky everyday !

This Golden Period of your life (which deserves its NAME) is due to a particularly beneficial astral conjunction. This rare astral environment will shine on you for as long as you decide to use it, as it is the result of a powerful mysterious radiation from one of the largest cosmic bodies.

Whatever you do, do not shun the precious help I am available to provide, so you can fully enjoy all the wonderful things that will happen to you during your golden period which is already shining on you so as to light up the path of your life. I am quite sure I am the only one able to help you effectively and without any mistakes on the path to HAPPINESS.

Know, Vxzewgtan, that I carried out this special work, this secret occult magical action so as to be able to see clearer, and to get to know you better, which enables me to pinpoint the problems which are preventing you from living a normal life. Moreover, this process helped me to find the correct remedy for your predicament, just as a good doctor would have done. 

Yes, Vxzewgtan, the first thing I would like to do for you, is to try to draw to you the large sum of money I foresaw for you. This will enable you to face your most pressing debts. So as to do this, I will work out your seven magical numbers for your Golden Period. If you play games of chance, you will be able to play these 7 numbers on the dates I will tell you. 

The only thing you need to do is to play these numbers on those dates so as to influence your chances in the Golden Seven-Month Perio you are about to enter.

Since I have foreseen that you are about to win a large sum of money (I clearly see a large number), I am optimistic for you and I think that you can be too.

The second thing I would like to do for you, if you will allow me, is to send you my Great Predictions for your Seven Month Golden Period, as these predictions as well as the help I will provide will on the one hand, free you from the negative hold which is wearing you down and paralyzing you, and on the other, enable you to make the right choices, the Choices which will lead you directly to the Happiness you deserve and which you will achieve.

Allow me to carry out my Great Predictions, as I will, due to very favorable conditions, be able to put my heart and soul, and more than that, all my experience into it.

Due to the clear vision I have had of your life and due to the special work, this secret occult magical action that I was able to carry out for you, I will be able to show you in my Great Predictions for your Seven Month Golden Period the exact path you should take to lead you directly to this Great Happiness, which shall be yours, and the Riches, which you expect and deserve. I did indeed say Riches as I have clearly seen that you could become very rich--very clearly indeed ! 

In my Great Predictions, I will tell you:

-how certain planets have an influence on your mind-set and make you unique, unlike any other person. 

-how these very same planets determine your favorable moments, luck and your encounters and relationships with others.

I will reveal to you:

how others see you and what they think of you, what reactions you arouse and what your sensitivities are. You can expect surprising revelations about yourself, your personality and those around you…

I will help you to discover:

-your true capacities, what your exact chances are, your real strengths, your secret gifts and hidden abilities…

-not only the obstacles inside yourself which bother you, the blocks which prevent you from attaining success, but also how to increase your overall good fortune and how to avoid obstacles, how to make decisions at optimal times and how to maximize this unexpected period of good fortune: your Golden Seven-Month Period.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, with my Great Predictions for your Seven Month Golden Period, I am absolutely sure that you will make the right decisions, those which will lead you to happiness, good luck and money that you so deserve !

From this day forth, I will dedicate myself to bringing about GREAT HAPPINESS in your life, so that I can read your e-mails expressing your happiness, just like all the testimonials that you can read:

"Finally, thanks to you and your powers, my life has become as I wanted it to. That is, a life filled with Love, Good Luck and Money"".

This is the e-mail I would like to receive from you shortly.

The third thing I would like to do for you, if you will allow me, is to do for you, Vxzewgtan, a long series of Mystical Ceremonies, called High Protection Ceremonies that I will begin as soon as I have your agreement. 

These mystical ceremonies are destined to recharge your forces Luck and your energy potentiel so you can fully benefit from their beneficial effects, so that the gates of love, money and luck open wide. 

These mystical ceremonies will bring you, day after day, the indispensables elements that you lack of right now to make your every day life become and stay the marvellous Life you are about to experience and which should be yours forever. 

It will be for you permanently a formidable beneficial occult action multiplying by 1000 you energy potential, to increase your forces of luck, success and happiness.

From this day forward, I will devote myself to the establishment and the keeping of the Great Happiness in your life.

I am so happy to think that it will be for you the beginning of a new and exceptional life if you make today the right choices.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, I promise you, I place you under high constant protection and if you trust me and if you follow the advice I will give you, Luck, Love and MONEY will enter your life and will neevr leave you.

This decisive step is like a huge gate that will open itself to a better world. Alone at this moment, you seem to me to be too weak to push it and open it and benefit from the Treasures that your future holds for you. 

But if we are two, you, Vxzewgtan, with your faith, and me and my abilities and powers, I promise you that we will be able to open that gate. We will succeed in opening it together, and discover this new and wonderful world that you can't even imagine…

This is what awaits you if you make this important step.

If you future may be porr and dark if you don't succeed in making this step, it my be brilliant and successful if you do succeed.

If you make this important step victoriously, a new life, totally different from the one you are living right now, will come to you, this life will be the true marvellous Existence that you deserve.

Not knowing the loose ends and diffculties, with credits or debts to pay back, but having instead all the money you need and even more (I have seen coming a large sum…)

Not knowing lonelinesss and disarray, but feeling instead Friendship and Love, having always someone next to you, someone to talk to, on whom you cant count ant who loves you,

Not beeing the victim of oneself shyness, blocks, but finding back instead the great confidence in oneself, beeing aware of your radiance, your charm, feeling full of insurance,

Never doubt yourself and your future again, but having faith in yourself again and the certainty of a bright future,

You will see a brilliant future opening in front of you, which will make you more confident in yourself and will give your happiness and hope,

And you will be able to verify yourself this saying: Money attracts money, luck attracts luck, love attracts love.

Yes, Vxzewgtan, the more you will be lucky - and trust me you will - the more luck will come to you. The more you will have money the more money will come to you. This is how the world works and that is how I see your new life.

Yes, if you truly make this important step in your life in the right conditions, you can believe me, your life will be really different from the one you are living today.

But you must act now,

Yes, if you truly wish your life to change, if you truly desire money to fulfill every desire you have, if you want to be attractive, have faith in yourself, retain luck, live a life that is different from your current one, it is now that you must act, now and not later. 

This is why I'm telling you, act now and fill in your Help Request to make the right step for a Marvellous Life (the marvellous Existence you deserve) and send it to me right away. It is really important pour you and your future !

Above all, give me your agrement right now

I indeed count on you and I wait with impatience for your news. With my most sincere friendship,

Yours faithfully and sincerely,

don't hesitate to answer this letter today, because unfortunately this offer will not be renewed…

Before everything else, answer Yes now to the sincere offer I am making to you today. In fact, this letter is the first bout of luck that is presented to you and it will work to change your existence. If you don’t answer, it is quite possible that your anguish and doubt will again make you slip and take the wrong turn, and you will miss all the happiness that awaits you. 

On the contrary, if you confide in me and if you confide in yourself, you will be able to break the chain that binds you to your past, and the road to luck and happiness will open up before you. Therefore do not hesitate and act now, fill in and return your Help Request today,

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